Features of Stanley LED Lighting
Core Technologies of LED Lighting

Automotive bulbs
at the inauguration of the business
Red LED 3000mcd The won the Okochi Memorial Foundation Award
Stanley was founded in 1920 to manufacture and sell automotive light bulbs. Even today, Stanley is proud to have maintained a stable share in the automotive lighting market. Additionally, Stanley LED the way in 1971 with the commercialization of high-intensity LEDs. Our products are renowned for their reliability and are used in a wide range of applications across many industries. LED will continue to develop along with Stanley and lighting to help protect the environment and bring this warm light to the world.

Only Stanley, have full knowledge of lighting, can create the Stanley LED lighting modules and units, working from development of the individual devices through to final assembly. At each process, we use our unique lighting technology to achieve the optimum lighting for each application.

Proven Reliability Performance : Device Development

Stanley has been working for many years on the development of LED devices. This record is built upon our unique technology in blending phosphors, which also led to us achieving LEDs to the industry leading Ra96 color rendering index in 2005. Through our advanced package design and materials development, we have also achieved lighting solutions that are extremely reliable, while also having high output and efficiency, and preventing sulfurization.

Integrated Manufacture from Design Through to Production : Optical Lenses

We are proud of our optical lenses here at Stanley. We have integrated systems in place for their manufacture, from design, Through to preparation of the dies and on to production. By sophisticated optical lens design, we can avoid uncomfortable glare, and can efficiently illuminate the target area in a uniform way and without any wasted light. This can lead to even higher levels of energy efficiency.

Sophisticated Optical Technology : Lighting Simulations

We can significantly reduce development time and cost through the use of lighting distribution simulation technologies for everyday products, a combination of simulation technology used for automotive headlights, and LED optical performance evaluation. We can also perform 3D simulation of the architectural space during the customer design phase to support the comprehensive lighting space design.

Heat Dissipation Simulation : Testimony of Reliability

It is precisely because we are well versed in LED, that we can also provide highly dependable heat dissipation design. This involves the work of heat transfer analysis simulation, taking into account the current values, LED assembly status, and heat dissipation conditions at the design stage, in carrying out heat dissipation countermeasures. This ensures the supply of high reliability, high efficiency and long life LED modules.