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LED Lighting Unit for High CeilingsLLM0576A

250–400 W Mercury-vapor lamp equivalent

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  • Low power consumption 91 W

  • Long life 60,000h

  • Lightweight 2.7kg

  • Ingress protection rating IP56 equivalent

  • Quality first Produced in Japan

The lighting unit uses a die cast magnesium casing to reduce its weight while maintaining a stylish form. Its light distribution angle is 120 degrees. Compared with mercury-vapor lamps,∗ the power consumed by the lighting unit is approximately 65% lower and the unit's useful life is about five times longer. The LLM0576A saves energy, requires less maintenance work, and helps reduce CO2 emissions. ∗ General-purpose 250 W mercury-vapor lamps

- Low power consumption: 91 W ∗1
- Long life: 60,000 h ∗2
- Eye-friendly color temp.: 5000 K - Lightweight direct-mounted unit: 2.7 kg ∗3
- Ingress protection rating IP 56 equivalent for outdoor deployment
- Produced in Japan putting quality first ∗1 Value in comparison with 250 W mercury-vapor lamp
∗2 Luminous flux maintenance factor: 70%
∗3 Weight of separately placed power supply not included

Typical Applications
Factories, warehouses, logistics centers, gymnasiums and public facilities

1/2 Beam Angle

Outline Dimensions