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Ultra Narrow Light Angle Type LED FloodlightLLM0545A 3.0° series

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  • Ultra Narrow Beam Angle 3°

  • High Luminous intensity 436,000cd

  • Extra-thin 47mm

  • Light weight 4.3kg

  • Low power consumption 25W

  • Waterproof/
    Dustproof IP65 class

  • Long life 40,000h

High-power LED devices and an advanced optical design are incorporated into this ultra narrow light distribution angle floodlight. The use of an ultra-narrow angle optical lens enables a simple structure, ensuring efficient refraction of light.
Consequently, this floodlight is low-energy, low-profile and lightweight.

- Ultra Narrow distribution at 3
- Color Temperature : 5,000K, 4,000K, 3,000K, 2200K
- High Luminous : 436,000cd (Cool White)
- Thin type : 47mm, Lightness : 4.3kg
- Low Power Consumption : 25W
- Long Life : 40,000hr (70% lumen maintenance factor)
- Dustproof/Waterproof : IP65

- Landscape lighting (upper lights and wall washer lights)
- Auxiliary lighting for work at high elevation (searchlight)
- Artistic lighting (concert stage)

1/2 Beam Angle 5000K

1/2 Beam Angle 4000K

1/2 Beam Angle 3000K

1/2 Beam Angle 2200K

Outline Dimensions

Movable Range

Wiring Diagram