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Wall-Washing LED LightingLLM0788A series

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  • Beam Angle 40° x 8°

  • CRI Ra85

  • Low Power Consumption 11W

  • Long life 40,000h

  • Light weight 0.25kg

Light from conventional wall washer lights diminished with distance.
Stanley's wall-washing LED lighting fixtures, making optimal use of optical engineering, illuminate wall surfaces almost uniformly to the marginal areas of a wall. Moreover, these lighting fixtures can be coupled to uniformly illuminate the entire area of a long passage or exterior wall.

- Indirect lighting with reduced contrast between bright and dark areas
- Natural White (4,000K),High color rendering (Ra85)

- Landscape lighting (wall washer lights)
- Signboard

Illumination distribution on vertical and
horizontal surfaces (example)

Outline Dimensions

Wiring Diagram