Enriched light and future that LED creates

Light the way for social development
Color life with light
Light for a brighter and safer world

Automobile lamps must be highly reliable, requiring superior light distribution technology. Stanley Electric integrates this with its technology for advanced LED devices to create light that is both new and powerful. We will deliver light to where it could not reach until now.

"Reliance" and credible "Technology"

Stanley Electric was founded in 1920 to manufacture and distribute automobile light bulbs. Today, it maintains a stable market share for automobile lamps.

LED has now made its way to our everyday life. In 1971, long before LED was known to the general public, Stanley Electric was a pioneer which successfully commercialized high luminance LED. It has been leading since then, with its half century of research and nurtured technologies.

Stanley's LED lighting in popular demand

Lights that protect safety of our towns and lifestyles; Illumination that pleases the eye or adds color to our traditions; Lights that operate in harsh conditions such as heat or heavy rain; Technologies fine-tuned by experience, and challenges to enhance quality. We will expand our exceptionally high quality products throughout the world, to deliver light to every corner of society.