Mr. Tomoyuki Kusuyama

Executive Director

The Warehouse Lighting is Switched to LED, Bringing Huge Reduction in Electricity Use!  

INOUE UNSO in Numazu City, Shizuoka
(introduced by Nagase & Co., Ltd)



We would like to introduce our LEDSHIGHBAY used for the ceiling of the warehouse at Inoue Unso’s Numazu Logistics Center*. Thank you to Nagase & Co., Ltd for introducing us.
Inoue Unso’s headquarters is at Koyama Town, Shizuoka Prefecture, and Nagase & Co., Ltd is located in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.

Inoue Unso’s Numazu Logistics Center is located in Numazu City in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture.
Numazu City is located approximately 120 km from Tokyo, and is the fourth largest city in the prefecture after Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, and Fuji, with a population of just under 190,000.

Inoue Unso is a company with a long history established in 1960. It operates a transportation and warehousing business mainly in the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture.。

*Numazu Logistics Center has a warehouse area of 5,950㎡ - site area of 6,788㎡.


Mr. Tomoyuki Kusuyama

Executive Director


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule today to talk with us.
We also appreciate for adopting our LEDSHIGHBAY high-ceiling lighting system.

Mr. Kusuyama
Thank you for coming all the way to Numazu today.

How do you feel about the new LED high-ceiling lighting?

Mr. Kusuyama
I have conducted preliminary interviews with the operators and managers on site, as well as the warehouse manager.
Please see below.


■Voices of operators
- Now that the LED lightings make it brighter here, it is easier to read the slips.

-We do not need to use the desk lamps any more when using computers.

-The lighting appliances are very thin, which makes is easier for us to use forklift at a height.

-LED can be quickly turned on and off, so it helps to save power.

■Voices of on-site managers
-The warehouse is now brighter, so complaints from workers have been eliminated.

-No forklift accidents due to darkness have occurred any more.

-The operators are now more aware of power conservation.

-The reduction in power consumption has been effective.

■Voices of warehouse managers
-Mercury lamps needed frequent replacing, but we expect that, with LED lightings, the replacement work will be reduced.

-Mercury lamps were suspended from the ceiling, so they were often damaged during forklift operations, which was a bit time-consuming. But there is no need to worry about it any longer.

-Above all, the reduction in power consumption is the major improvement.


Thank you so much for conducting the preliminary interviews. We do not have any other questions now! (laughs)
As we expected, there were many comments on safety improvements and energy consumption which leads to expense saving.

Mr. Kusuyama
Yes. Safety in the workplace is fundamental.
And we see a huge reduction in electricity consumption thanks to LED. Reduction rate compared to the same month of the previous year is: November 2022 showed 41.5% of reduction, and December 46.4%.
We had adopted your LED lightings in our Gotemba warehouse and received positive feedbacks, therefore we requested to install them in Numazu warehouse this time.

We are happy that you decided to use our lightings in Numazu as well as Gotemba.


May we ask a little about you, Mr. Kusuyama?

We would like to hear about your origin, your past careers, challenges you face in work, and your future.

Mr. Kusuyama
I am from Shuzenji, Shizuoka. We used to have a sales office in Oohito which is near Shuzenji, so that is where I first joined. Since then, I have been involved in transportation and warehousing for 33 years.

Since we are required to find ways to store our customers' cargo in its original condition and deliver it when needed, we have been struggling recently because logistics tends to be stagnant due to the shortage of warehouses and semiconductors.
If there is no movement, there is no business.

Securing the manpower will be a major issue in the future.
We want to make our company attractive enough for people to stay.

Mr. Kusuyama, thank you very much for sharing your valuable talk and passionate thoughts with us today.


Address: 246-1, Yousawa, Sunto-gun Oyama-cho, Shizuoka, 410-1326 Japan
Phone: +81-550-78-1188

[Warehouse with newly adopted LEDSHIGHBAY]
Numazu Logistics Center
Address: 917-1 Kozuwa, Numazu City, Shizuoka 410-0872 Japan
Phone: +81-55-922-3135
Stored products: raw materials for precision instruments, products, etc.
Warehouse area: 5,950㎡
Site area : 6,788㎡
Facilities: raised-floor style 2-floor building, dock leveler, vertical conveyor, Elevator, 7 forklifts

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