Light Show at Shoshone Falls, United States

Idaho, U.S.A.



The beauty and power of Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls is a waterfall on the Snake River in southern Idaho in the United States.
The state of Idaho is located in the Rocky Mountains in the American Northwest. The falls is a 3.5-hour drive from Salt Lake City and about 11 hours from San Francisco.



The local community is pushing to attract tourists.
The light show is a part of that push.

Located at an elevation of almost 1,000 meters, this famous falls is 65 meters in height and 282 meters wide.
The stunningly impressive falls has been nicknamed the “Niagara of the West.” The local community is pushing to attract tourists to the falls.



The illumination project started when the people at Shoshone Falls, having heard about the light show at Niagara using LEDSFOCUS, contacted Stanley Electric.
They told us that they were looking for a narrow-angle floodlight that could shine a bright light from the location where floodlights could be installed, a considerable distance from the falls. We were able to make a proposal that matched their requirements.



Closest: 137 m
Farthest: 316 m

We began in December 2021 with lighting tests on the wall of the falls, which had no water because it was still the dry season.
We divided the light-up points into 12 points from 137 meters to 316 meters away from the viewing platform, where the lights would be installed, and decided to use 36 LEDSFOCUS PRO floodlights to light up the falls.


Our full-color floodlight enables color control with a single floodlight

The LEDSFOCUS PRO lights used were our new “full-color” model, which is currently in development.
With this model, the full color spectrum of colors can be reproduced by controlling the light emitted from the LEDs in the floodlight.

The light show was held for a limited time from May 14 to May 31, 2021, but the client is considering making it a permanent fixture in the future.

This powerful falls, which the state of Idaho is hoping will become a popular tourism destination, could be worth checking out as well as the Niagara of the East.

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls

Jeromy Twin Falls County, Idaho, U.S.A

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