Exhibition at SoEne Akari Park, Produced by World-Class Lighting Designer Motoko Ishii

Fountain Plaza, Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Read about the exhibition of our LEDSFOCUS PRO full-color floodlights and how Stanley Electric can help to create works of art.



A poster advertising SoEne Akari Park 2021

SoEne Akari Park 2021, an annual outdoor event, was held from November 3 to 7 at Ueno Park in Tokyo. It was produced by world-renowned lighting designer Motoko Ishii, with the cooperation of the Japanese Agency for Natural Resources and Energy and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. To the visitors’ delight, the Stanley booth exhibited full-color LEDSFOCUS PRO floodlights and other products.



This year’s theme was “The Light of Tomorrow,” referring to the goal of carbon neutrality.
The Stanley booth featured a panel exhibition on our environmental initiatives and exhibitions of a variety of products, including floodlights using LEDs, which consume little power.

Exhibited Products


(Top) The full-color LEDSFOCUS PRO floodlight
(Bottom) The LED floodlights were popular with many of the children

This was the first time our full-color LEDSFOCUS PRO floodlights were exhibited.
Visitors enjoyed using the dimmer function to change the colors, and a line formed in front of the hands-on experience corner for kids.


The illumination at Shoshone Falls

This same type of full-color light has been used for the illumination of Shoshone Falls in the United States. Just one unit is needed to dim the light, creating magnificent views of the illumination for sightseers to enjoy.

More information on Shoshone Falls is available here.


LEDSFOCUS GOLD with special specifications

Other exhibited products that drew visitors included the LEDSFOCUS PRO, in 1-, 4-, and 9-lens types, and the LEDSFOCUS GOLD with special specifications, which emits gold light and also has a gold body.

More information on LEDSFOCUS products is available here.
https://stanley-ledUghting.eom/j p/products-Ughting-for-show-and-landscape/

These lights have also been adopted by Honda, creating publicity for Stanley Electric and the many types of automotive lighting and electrical equipment that we handle. We also exhibited the headlamps of the popular Vezel SUV.

More information on our automotive equipment products is available here.


A£NUV products on exhibition

In addition to visible LED products, Stanley Electric has developed a lineup of A£NUV disinfecting products with deep ultraviolet LEDs. These disinfecting products were exhibited as well, attracting the interest of many in the era of the New Normal.

More information on A£NUV products is available here.
https://www.stanley.co.ip/product/uvc product/alnuv/



We interviewed Ms. Ishii in front of the Stanley booth.

We spoke with Motoko Ishii, the world-class lighting designer who produced this event.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule during the event. Ms. Ishii, what was the thinking behind this year’s SoEne Event?

Motoko Ishii
This year, we took up the theme of carbon neutrality. That is a goal that each and every one of us will have to work toward in the future. I wanted visitors to think about this while looking at all the different lights.

When I look up at the sky today, it’s bright blue without a single cloud. I pray that we can preserve the world the way it is, so we can always see this sky.

How did you find Stanley’s exhibition booth?

Motoko Ishii
It really was wonderful. The full-color LEDSFOCUS PRO floodlight experience corner was very popular with the kids. It ended up being one of the best, most popular parts of the SoEne venue. When I explained to the kids about the principles of light and they tried it out for themselves, I could see their eyes shining.

I also think very highly of Stanley’s efforts in invisible light and in sterilization machines with deep ultraviolet LEDs that offer highly effective sterilization.

Thank you very much for your time today.

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