Zenkoji Temple, Nagano City, Nagano

Lighting Design: Ms. Motoko Ishii & Ms. Akari-Lisa Ishii



Nagano Tomyo Festival is a winter festival started in 2004 to pass on the legacy of 1998 Nagano Olympics and to globally spread the hope for world peace.

Zenkoji Temple was illuminated beautifully with diverse colors of lighting designed by Ms. Motoko Ishii and Ms. Akari-Lisa Ishii, the worldwide lighting designers.
Stanley has been taking part in the lighting in the festival since 2020.

Kenji Ogiwara, the Nagano City mayor and gold medalist in two consecutive Olympic Games, attended the lighting ceremony which was held in front of the main temple gate.
Ukrainian families that are taking refuge in Japan were also invited to the ceremony.



Zenkoji Temple is one of the landmarks of Nagano.
From the bus terminal in front of Nagano Station, it takes about 10 minutes to the bus stop called Zenkoji Daimon.
A few minutes of walk on the approach (“sando”) will take you to the main temple building of Zenkoji Temple.



This year, Stanley’s floodlights illuminated the roof of the main temple building, the main temple gate, and the temple bell in the bell tower.

The roof of the main temple building was illuminated with our LED floodlight, LEDSFOCUS GOLD.
With gold light, the edge of the roof brightly stood out and its contrast in colors with the building was beautiful.


LEDSFOCUS full color floodlight was used for the main temple gate.


At the center of the main temple gate, the famous frame of letters with hidden doves was illuminated by LEDSFOCUS GOLD.
The impact of the light at the main temple gate attracted visitors as much as that of the main temple building.


The temple bell was illuminated by LEDSFOCS GOLD from diagonal positions in the bell tower.
LEDSFOCUS GOLD can dye non-gold objects gold.
This time, the gold and blue were put together to show the Ukrainian colors.

Zenkoji Temple


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