Đình Chèm (Chèm Pavilion), Vietnam

Illuminating a Vietnamese Temple

Hà Nội, Vietnam



Đình Chèm, standing on the shores of the river.

Đình Chèm (Chèm Pavilion) is located about a 30-minute drive northwest of central Hà Nội, in the suburbs near the shores of the Hồng River (Red River). Đình can be translated as “communal temple”—a combination of a meeting place and a shrine to a local deity—and Chèm is the name of the local area.



A full aerial view of Đình Chèm.

This đình enshrines the spirit of Lý Ông Trọng, a figure from around second century BC who is said to have worked to protect the country. The đình boasts a history of 2000 years, and it is believed that its position, standing between the river and the embankment, protected the land from floods.

The current building was rebuilt at the start of the 20th century. Its four tall stone pillars face the river, standing like a sort of symbol. We decided to illuminate these pillars using gold floodlights.

The building behind the pillars houses a statue of a white horse and of a white elephant and its handler. Lý Ông Trọng is said to have fought from astride the back of an elephant.



[Top left] Light shining from atop the fence with the signboard at the temple entrance.
[Top right] Light shining from the balustrade of the embankment.
[Bottom left] Another LEDSFOCUS GOLD floodlight was installed at the base of the trees.

Gold and temples have been closely linked since time immemorial, and gold also has great significance from the perspective of accumulating good deeds. And gold is especially popular in Southeast Asia, where we regularly field requests for gold illumination not only of Buddha statues but of pagodas, stone pillars, and more.

Đình Chèm was certified as a national historic site in 1990. The gold floodlights illuminating its stone pillars give the temple new life and further bring out its beauty.



[Top left] The temple walls.
[Top right] The Hồng River (Red River) flowing in the background.
[Bottom left] The LEDSFOCUS PRO installed near the Đình Chèm explanation board.
[Bottom right] Gold beams directed at the stone pillars.

Using four-lens LLF0112A LEDSFOCUS GOLD floodlights, we illuminated the stone pillars from locations 7 to 10 meters away: directly below the stone pillars, at the base of the trees near Đình Chèm, on the balustrade of the embankment, and on top of the fence.

Because the angle of flux distribution changes depending on the distance and the location from which the pillars are illuminated, we used a total of 12 floodlights: two each of narrow-angle floodlights of 2.5°, 4°, 5°, and 6°, and four medium-angle floodlights of 10°.

We offer a lineup that can be fine-tuned by 1° to meet all your needs. LEDSFOCUS GOLD is perfect for illuminating subjects of any color, bathing them in a spectacular shade of gold. Enjoy the play of change and contrast in the illumination as day turns to night.


Đình Chèm
301 Đ.Thụy Phương, Thuỵ Phương, Từ Liêm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

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