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We created the world’s first golden LED floodlight by applying white LED technology. Compared to white floodlight, illuminating golden surfaces such as temples and Buddha statues with gold light can bring out the beautiful color even more. Further more, non-golden objects can be dyed gold with this floodlight.

Color of light Produces an intense golden beam to materialize the color of light. Ultra-narrow light distribution The ultra narrow light distribution with minimum 1.5° of 1/2 beam angle enables bright irradiation to objects at a long distance. Thin and lightweight With 47mm thickness (light source part) and 2.3kg (bracket excluded), it can be installed at any place. Light distribution control Light distribution can be fine-tuned by 1 °, from 1.5 to 10 °, to accurately cast light on objects. In addition, a high output medium angle light distribution of 10 to 30° is available for various applications. Beautiful light projection Our unique LED / lens design technology can achieve beautiful and uniform projection lighting. Heavy duty Waterproof and dustproof to provide maximum performance even in harsh environments. Wide variety of customization Light distribution, light color, as well as size and body color can be freely customized. In addition, optional parts are available to ensure the best results for various environments.


Myanmar Shwedagon Pagoda

Borommaratchachonnani Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Zenkoji Temple in Nagano, Nagano

Rama VIII Bridge in Bangkok, Thailand

That Luang in Vientiane, Laos

Projection Area