Mr. Wataru Kawashima

Manager in Planning&Promotion Section, Amusement Park Division

Jewellumination at Yomiuri Land

Jewellumination at Yomiuri Land in Inagi City, Tokyo

Produced by: Ms. Motoko Ishii
Light Design by: Motoko Ishii Lighting Design Inc.



Jewellumination, produced by the worldwide lighting designer Ms. Motoko Ishii, meets its 13th exhibition this year.

The theme of this year’s Jewellumination is “LIGHT IS HAPPINESS!”
An abundant number of LED lightings and illumination make the visitors happy.



Yomiuri Land is a huge leisure facility representing Japan, located in Tama-Koryo, which straddles Inagi City, Tokyo and Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Jewellmination is held every year from late October to early April, and the lights and illuminations add a romantic touch to the amusement park at night.


Mr. Wataru Kawashima

Manager in Planning&Promotion Section, Amusement Park Division


We had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Kawashima with Yomiuri Land Co., Ltd. about Jewellumination and LED floodlights.

Thank you for using our LED floodlight at Yomiuri Land.
It is nice to see you again after two years.

Mr. Kawashima : Thank you again for coming.

Two years ago, you used our gold floodlights, which were developed with cooperation of Ms. Motoko Ishii, for your Giant Ferris Wheel, the roof of merry-go-round, and the fountain at the floating swimming pool.
Is there any change this year?

Mr. Kawashima : As for the Giant Ferris Wheel, we added some other colors at the bottom while gold remains to be the main color.
We also use your LED floodlights for two thrill rides this year instead of the merry-go-round.

We are honored to light the thrill rides (laughs).
As this will be the 13th Jewellumination, how has it evolved so far?

Mr. Kawashima : In the past, winter was our off-peak season; we closed at 4:30pm and had smaller number of visitors. As we make efforts each year on 13 times of Jewellumination, the number of visitors during the event now exceeds that of summer, which is our peak season since we have a swimming-pool.


That is very nice in terms of business.
How do you feel about production of Ms. Motoko Ishii?

Mr. Kawashima : Ms. Ishii says “The dark areas make the best use of the lights.”
She keeps dark areas dark while making bright areas bright, and still manages to use light that is gentle on the eyes. I empathize with these points of hers.

When looking down from the Ferris Wheel, we can see that the whole park is illuminated the way you just described.
What kinds of reactions have you received on our gold floodlights for the Ferris Wheel?

Mr. Kawashima : We hear that our symbolic Giant Ferris Wheel is visible from Chofu town.
The number of visitors is coming back to that of pre-COVID, and we take thorough measures against COVID while it helps us being an outdoor facility. We are happy to welcome even more visitors at the Giant Ferris Wheel.


(left) LEDSFOCUS GOLD lighting the Looping Starship
(right) white LEDSFOCUS lighting Crazy Hyuuuu / Crazy Stoon

Please tell us about the thrill rides with our floodlights, Looping Starship and Crazy Hyuuuu / Crazy Stoon.

Mr. Kawashima : The Looping Starship rotates and when it reaches certain positions it turns gold with the lightings.
I am sure that you enjoy the new changing of colors.
Crazy Hyuuuu / Crazy Stoon rapidly rises and falls, and its pillars are lit with bright white.
The new lighting is brighter than ever, making it stand out even more at night.

Thank you.
We hope to support Yomiuri Land and its many visitors with our lightings.

It has been two years since last time we spoke, and we have added full-color types to LED floodlight line-ups. If you were to use them, which attractions would you use them on?

Mr. Kawashima : First thing that comes to mind is the Giant Ferris Wheel.
It has a wide irradiation area, so the color change would stand out.


Thank you for your valued opinion.
Now, please tell us about yourself. Have you always been working in the Promotion Section? Lastly, we would like to hear about your struggles and joys in this job.

Mr. Kawashima : Yes, I have worked for Yomiuri Land for 25 years.
There was a time I was working in the golf-related division, but besides that, I have almost always been in the Promotion Section.

Our visitors to Jewellumination come back repeatedly, and they come back because we try to make it new and different each year.
It is challenging to make Ms. Ishii’s attempt happen on-site, but it is also very worthwhile.
Therefore, as we finish Jewellumination in early April, we start preparing for the next Jewellumination promptly by the end of the month. We actually install and adjust the lighting appliances ourselves, instead of leaving it all to the hands of associate companies. My joy in this work comes when these efforts bring our visitors happiness.

I see, the greater the effort, the deeper your joy gets.
Thank you Mr. Kawashima for making time to share your stories.
We hope your continuous success.

*We had an opportunity to speak with Mr. Kawashima two years ago regarding Jewellumination.
The interview is available here.
Please also check the lighting then, which is different from this year.



(left) Illuminated Ferris Wheel after sunset
(right) Ferris Wheel in daylight

The Giant Ferris Wheel is illuminated with narrow-angle LED floodlights installed 25m away on a platform, aiming the top of the Wheel with gold light.
And from the pillars on the right and left, the center and radial spokes are illuminated with gold light.
We use a combination of different light angles to achieve unification of light on the big object.
30 units of gold floodlights are used for the whole Ferris Wheel, with angles from 2.5° to 30°.

Looping Starship is lit with gold floodlight when rotating.
The gold light is aiming certain positions on the left, right, and above the equipment, so the ship turns gold the moment it hits any of those positions.
Three 10° gold floodlights are used on the Looping Starship.


(upper left) Looping Starship after sunset
(upper right) Looping Starship in daylight
(lower left) Crazy Hyuuuu / Crazy Stoon after sunset
(lower right) Crazy Hyuuuu / Crazy Stoon in daylight

As for Crazy Hyuuuu / Crazy Stoon, the two pillars are illuminated with white light almost vertically from near the bottom of the pillars.
Three units of 3° white floodlight are used on each side of the pillar, and three sides per pillar are illuminated. Therefore 18 units of LED floodlights are used on two pillars to make them look even cooler.

Yomiuri Land


Yomiuri Land is easily accessible from Tokyo.
Why not spend some time in Yomiuri Land and enjoy its attractions, which is available throughout the year with a great variety?

For opening hours, calendar and ticket prices, please check the Yomiuri Land website:

Jewellumination 2022-2023 will be held until Sunday, April 9, 2023.
Ticket is required to see Jewellmination; park admission ticket (¥1,800/adult), or for entrance after 3pm, after-pass (¥3,100/adult) which includes attraction rides.

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