Stanley 2021 MiniGuide Book


Creating beautiful scenery and stunning effects

Stanley Electric, the leading expert of LED, offers “LEDSFOCUS”,
the high-quality landscape lighting system, with an ultra-narrow light distribution angles
that can be selected according to various lighting scenes,
and wide color variations including Stanley Electric’s original Gold.
LEDSFOCUS, for all purposes, with flexible and detailed lineups,
will enhance the beauty of the scenery and create,though in harsh environments,
a breathtaking view and excellent performance you need.

AℓNUV Lineup

UV-C technology for a safer world

AℓNUV is a brand of disinfection products that use ultraviolet technology from Stanley Electric.
We provide ultraviolet devices that meet the needs of our customers through AℓNUV and are expanding on the application of this technology with the aim of achieving a world in which everyone can live each day safely.